December 27, 2017

Remodel finish slated for early 2018

By Daniel Arens

For the Year of Our Lord 2017, the end of the tunnel is quickly speeding nearer and nearer. In close parallel, the end of the tunnel approaches for the Mercer County courthouse and jail expansion project as well.
Jim Theurer and Travis Fuechtmann, Contegrity Group, provided the commission with an update on this last phase of the project during a meeting Dec. 20. They said that the schedule looked like the final completion of the actual remodel would be early in January, with punch list checkups the only thing remaining at that point.
Fuechtmann discussed the budget, saying there wasn’t much to be said there, with the final numbers approaching. The budget sheet he passed out noted that a total of $10.4 million has been spent to date, with about $857,000 left to complete the total $11.25 million project.

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