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September 10, 2009

Residents bring drainage issues to county

Throughout 10 years of relatively little moisture, water flowed mostly where it was supposed to flow. Huge amounts of snowmelt this past spring, however, exposed drainage problem areas that must be remedied before another flood event occurs – and two Beulah residents visited the Mercer County Commission last Wednesday to express a few of their concerns.

South Beulah residents Jim Bonderud and Kevin Herrmann approached the commission to discuss a lingering drainage problem just south of Beulah. Bonderud lives on the south edge of Beulah, and owns a lot outside city limits that serves as a drain way for water flowing through town. Directly south of Bonderud’s lot is one that, according to Bonderud, was formerly owned by the late Quentin Seifert. The lot’s current owners built a small road across the lot with a culvert installed. This spring, that culvert filled with ice and backed up into Bonderud’s lot and beyond, he said. The clogged culvert was unable to handle the large amounts of rapid snowmelt and water rapidly pooled up against the road, Bonderud noted.

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