September 9, 2015

Residents share thoughts of potential crew camp

By Kate Johnson

City hall reached near its capacity at the latest planning and zoning meeting. The discussion revolved around the potential property annexation and the placement of crew camps for the work to come at the Dakota Gasification Plant.
The meeting opened with the passing of the previous meeting minutes, but quickly to follow was the Capitol Lodge presentation.
Before Capitol Lodge took the floor, Russ Duppong made an opening statement.
“All this board is going to do is hear comments, questions, and the presentation,” he said, making it clear that the board’s recommendation will be then sent on to council and council has the ability to approve or deny planning and zoning’s recommendations.
Around 50 Beulah residents were at attendance of this meeting and nearly all were at the edge of their seats to share their opinions and concerns about the facility with their board members. The majority of the concerns came down to location and asking the question, “Why so close to Beulah?”
The location of this facility is too close to town and their families for residents. The facility would be butting up to Beulah residents’ yards, as well as being neighbors to a gymnastic and Cross-Fit facility. According to 7th street residents, their homes that were once tranquil and had low activity are now busy with high activity, and they fear it will only get worse.
Mike Boudreau, spokesman for Capitol Lodge, led the presentation, as well as answered an array of questions and concerns from the residents. The presentation that was made showed detailed plans on how the facility would be set up and operate. The crew camp would be located on 7th street NE and the land would need to be re-zoned from agricultural to R5. There would be 40 buildings with seven bedrooms in each, holding one to two workers in each room.
Overall the temporary housing will have the potential to house 400 to 520 beds within this camp. On the low end, there will be 250 workers; however, on high end numbers may exceed 500.

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