May 30, 2018

Reviewing the not-quite-completed

By Daniel Arens

It’s been a long road for Mercer County.
The road is the pathway to an expanded courthouse and jail facility in Stanton, following on from several years of planning, bidding, rebidding, breaking ground, stumbling upon archeology, and completing the step-by-step work of constructing the new building.
During a county commission meeting on May 16, Travis Fuechtmann and Pete Filippi spoke with the commissioners about the final stages and checklists of the project. Fuechtmann and Filippi work with Contegrity Group, the primary contractor with the project.
The meeting marked the first time representatives from Contegrity have spoken with the full commission since substantial work on the project was completed in the winter. They wanted to give an update on some of the punch-list items they wanted checked out, as well as how the budget was looking.


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