January 25, 2017

Rig 50 to receive Asheville engine

By Kate Johnson

Mercer County Ambulance board voted for the more reliable engine out of all the options given to them. After the current engine in Rig 50 shot antifreeze from its tail pipe, its engine was slapped with a “done” sticker.
Joe Cuccia, J&L Automotive and Recovery, Hazen, presented the Mercer County Ambulance Board with the facts of what they are looking at for Rig 50’s future. As they attempted to stay ahead of the curve with this rig, he reported that they had fallen behind.
Cuccia shared that recently the emissions control device broke. This device allows exhaust gases back into the engine and antifreeze to cool it down. However, when the device broke, antifreeze went inside the engine. Because of the stress of runs that engine was under, the discharge of antifreeze out of the tail pipe wasn’t the worst of the rig’s problems.

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