November 15, 2016

Ron Isaak crossing costs debated

By Daniel Arens

With winter fast approaching, time is running short for work to be completed on the “Ron Isaak Crossing.” But the Mercer County Commission was unclear whether an old agreement regarding the crossing still stood until they heard from Isaak.
Isaak attended the commission meeting Nov. 14 to discuss responsibilities for the repairs and improvement of the section line road.
In September 2015, the county commission unanimously approved a motion to pay a 50/50 cost share on the engineer’s estimate. Commissioner Wes Gunsch read that previous motion. He and the other commissioners maintain that the motion was only for the concrete estimate of $1,890, as stated in the motion.
“I was waiting for the work to be done,” Isaak said when the question of his agreement to the cost share was raised. He noted that the motion had been approved by the commission over a year ago, and that he assumed the approval of the motion meant that work would be underway.
The commission replied that they had not heard back from Isaak after the motion was passed, and since it involved an agreement to split the cost, they would need his approval before moving forward on the work.


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