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December 21, 2016

RUST’s Christmas WARC donation

By Kate Johnson

RUST Contractors Inc. donated more than $5,000 in gift cards, food, and presents to the Women’s Action Resource Center this past week. RUST is a construction group working out at the Dakota Gasification Company, erecting the Urea Plant near Beulah.
Sherryl Craig is the field buyer for RUST and has been with the company since 1995. At every job location RUST has taken her to, Craig said she has done some sort of food drive or Toys for Tots drive around Christmas. Living in Beulah for just over a year, Craig decided to reach out to the local newspaper, a tactic she’s used in other small towns, as to where to make a donation.
After contacting Women’s Action Resource Center, Beulah, Craig learned they were in need of gifts for the teenage group. Once she found a place to donate to and what she needed to buy, Craig started working on her follow coworkers, a task she said was pretty easy.
“They are generous,” said Craig. “Most of that money came from the craft, the guys out there working in the field.”
Craig said a lot of the guys gave her cash donations so she could go and purchase the things she thought were needed. Ironworker Foreman Dennis Sitton handed Craig $1,000 cash wrapped up in a rubber band, which he said he had collected from the ironworkers as their donation.

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