December 17, 2014

School board approves

By Chris Erickson

After putting together its formal observations and recommendations of Superintendent Todd Kaylor’s work as head of the school district recently, the Beulah Board of Education had a split vote last week that ultimately approved an official evaluation that looked different from the board’s first version.
About three dozen teachers and community members including Beulah Police Chief Frank Senn were on site last Thursday during the school board meeting where Kaylor’s evaluation was discussed. Senn said his presence had formally been requested by school board members.
According to policy, the superintendent evaluations happen twice per year. During these meetings the school board assess the performance of the superintendent in accordance with state law.
At a prior special meeting the board had offered its observations and plans for improvement for the superintendent as the evaluation process dictated. While that evaluation was generally favorable to Kaylor, there were a number of observations made by school board members that resulted in numerous votes of unsatisfactory against him and a clear indication that some areas needed improvement.
Ratings included the topics of: relationship with the board; recruitment and retention of staff; supervision of staff; identification and implementation of board policy; financial management skills; educational leadership; relationship with students and parents; relationship with community; record management; and building/grounds/transportation/student safety.

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