April 26, 2017

School board discusses break in

By Kate Johnson

Beulah Middle School was broken into the evening of April 7, the night before prom. This was determined by Middle School Principal Stacey Murschel. Murschel explained she received a call from a fellow staff member saying the technology lab looked to have been gone through.
At the time they assumed, since prom decorations had been going up that night, that it was done by a student who needed something. However, as the day progressed, they realized items were missing from the Tech Lab.
Murschel explained she spent hours watching the cameras from different angles and determined the intruders knew the building and knew where they wanted to go. She said they moved through the school with a purpose, heading toward the custodial office, riffling around for keys -- noting that keys are no longer stored there after this incident -- and made their way to the tech lab.
“They did get away with some teacher laptops and wireless keyboards,” said Murschel, pointing out that they took a lot of older technology they had and financially the amount taken was minimal.

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