July 29, 2015

School Board elects new leaders

By Jarann Johnson
The highlights of last week’s school board meeting included electing new leaders, approving the 2014-15 financial reports, and selecting a new time to meet for the 2015-16 school year. The meeting went relatively quickly, adjourning in under one hour.
Carrie Miller, the business manager, thanked Jodie Hammargren and Belinda Suter for helping her. But other than that quick thank you, no administrative reports were given at the meeting.
The first major topic during the meeting was the Fiscal Year 2014-15 reports. Miller said the balance was $3.87 million.
Miller said the school district received close to $217,000 in revenue more than the district budgeted for and estimated the deficit spending for the year around $72,000. The only question raised during Miller’s presentation was by board member Dwight Hatzenbuhler. Miller said it would have come from contracted services.
“That would have come out of contracted services. With being so far over budget we just decided to do that next year,” Miller said.

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