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December 20, 2017

School board hears potential issuesBeulah School Board

By Kate Johnson

With the negatives came positives during the latest Beulah School Board meeting.
Beulah Schools Superintendent Travis Jordan started the meeting by talking about his latest campaign: a whistle-blowing campaign.
Jordan explained that he is sick of the negativity that has been circling around news stations and wants to find a way to celebrate positivity in the Beulah school district. Several times a day, students or staff are called out and celebrated for something positive they have done or are known for.
Jordan carried on to report he had held a meeting with the parents of students who ride Bus 17. He said the meeting consisted of how the parents could help be an extension of the school and help explain how kids should act and not act on the school bus. Jordan also said a four-camera system that detects audio and visual has been added to the bus, so kids who do continue to misbehave will be caught.

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