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July 8, 2015

School Board holds special meeting

By Jarann Johnson
Sometimes when a group of people meet the leader offers one question first, “Do you want the good news or bad news first?” School Board President Ruth Julson didn’t have to ask which kind of news her fellow board members wanted to hear because the board members all knew why they were there – to discuss former Superintendent Todd Kaylor’s resignation.
Julson started off the special meeting Monday night by reading Kaylor’s resignation letter, which informed the board of his decision to resign and offered positive comments about his experience and the quality of the Beulah School District.
After reading Kaylor’s resignation, Julson moved to ask questions about Kaylor’s contract, including paying for vacation time and insurance. Business Manager Carrie Miller said that vacation days were paid off and that Kaylor’s insurance ended with his contract.
The board continued to discuss insurance. Miller added that the reason that there typically isn’t any insurance issue is because teaching contracts go from October to September and administration contracts go from July to June.
Julson said that the district should pay for insurance because of Kaylor’s time in the district and also because his June 30 resignation gives the board more time to find filling options than if Kaylor elected to keep his insurance and resign in August.

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