May 6, 2015

School Board ops for outside conflict assist

The North Dakota School Board Association will be sending a trio of top executives to Beulah to talk conflict resolution with the local board. The action came after a special school board meeting April 27. NDSBA Executive Director Jon Martinson, along with NDSBA Director of Policy Services Alyssa Martin and NDSBA Legal Counsel Annette Bendish, will attend the conflict resolution session set for Monday, May 11, in Beulah.
Requesting state intervention came on a unanimous vote of the full board. Acting on a suggestion from School Superintendent Todd Kaylor, the board set forth a list of eight items to be addressed during the session. The list of topics will be: 1) Brief review of board member roles; 2) Role of business manager; 3) Discuss role of chairperson; 4) Ways of dealing with difference of opinion versus personal attacks; 5) Role of superintendent (superintendent versus board responsibilities); 6) Discussion of topics not on the agenda; 7) Superintendent evaluation process; and 8) Business manager evaluation.

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