January 25, 2017

School Board presented with boiler options

By Kate Johnson

Beulah School Board was presented their potential 10-year plan by Consolidated Construction Co., Inc. The capital maintenance plan came with a lot of changes for Beulah Public Schools.
The presentation discussed the goals of the plan and projects. It went over the life expectancy of the buildings, their 21st Century needs, and code compliance. This consolidated team has already toured and ran studies throughout the school’s buildings; however, some areas still need inspections and studies come spring time.
The elementary school was built in 1978 and 1982; their projects over the next 10 years would be to replace sidewalk, interiors (casework, counters, carpet), ADA (sinks, signage, door handles), replace the kitchen range hood, replace retaining wall/drainage, replace HVAC heat pumps, and equipment (carpet cleaner, mower). Roofing life still needs to be verified.

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