August 5, 2015

School Board selects candidates

By Jarann Johnson
Last Wednesday, July 29, the Beulah School Board held a special meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to finalize committee assignments for the 2015-16 school year and make an official decision about the superintendent position.
The meeting was quickly called to order by School Board President Stacee McLaughlin, and she turned her focus to committee assignments for the school year.
McLaughlin said she was hoping to have two ad hoc committees for policy and described her plan to finish updating the school board policy manual.
“I was hoping to meet once a week, have each ad hoc committee meet once a week. There are only three of us [committee members], so it shouldn’t be that hard to coordinate. Then Kennie [Voegele] would be an alternate if one of us couldn’t make it.”
McLaughlin said she was going to lead one committee comprised of herself, Dwight Hatzenbuhler, and Smoke Knutson. The other committee was going to be led by School Board Vice President Jen Steffan. Steffan’s committee was going to include Dan Ziman and Dave Ripplinger.
Kennie Voegele was selected as an alternate for both committees. No questions or comments were asked by the board about the committee assignments. But there was still one issue the school board needed to solve that involved the Beulah Education Foundation.

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