August 8, 2018

School Boards delays re-build decision

By Kate Johnson

Beulah School Board held a special meeting to discuss their decision on the Beulah High School project.
The school board has aimed to keep the public completely informed on the project and wanted to give it some time to hear the communities rebuttal to the most recent presentation which shared that the project would cost around $24 million.
Beulah District Superintendent Travis Jordan opened the special meeting by sharing his thoughts on the project and his recommendation. He mentioned that the meeting was set, originally, to come to a decision on the direction the project would go. They would either be building an addition or repairing the existing.
“Since that time, we have seen maybe a sizable setback in the community,” said Jordan to the board. He was referencing the recent happenings with employment by Basin Electric Power Cooperative.
“Now is not the right time to move forward with a decision,” said Jordan.  

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