December 13, 2017

School sees stomach flu outbreak

By Kate Johnson

Last week the Beulah school district reported 80 kids out of school because of illness. Beulah Superintendent Travis Jordan said that he noticed it right away Monday morning of last week.
“I was up most of the night with two of my kids, and then had gotten a call from a staff member saying that they were having the same issues at their house,” said Jordan.
After receiving that call he said he had a suspicion that this bug had probably become wide-spread. Later that morning Jordan called around to the schools to get a number on just how many students were out sick. Beulah Elementary School had a reported total of 46 students out just on Monday, with a district number of nearly 80 through all three schools.
Coal Country Community Health Center’s Dr. Michelle Placke said this stomach flu is known as gastroenteritis, and it is different from influenza. Influenza is a respiratory illness caused by the flu virus. Placke stated that the seasonal flu vaccine is for influenza, and does not protect against gastroenteritis (stomach flu).


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