March 4, 2015

Schools review safety

By Chris Erickson

School and law enforcement officials are working together to ensure that area school districts remain a safe place for students to learn.
Relatively recent events within the school districts have law enforcement and district chiefs ensuring everything that can be done is done to keep school buildings as safe as possible for local students.
According to the Sheriff’s Department, three events in the past few months have eyes toward the school, as two students had been removed from area school districts completely in that time. One was transferred to the Youth Correctional Center in Mandan after making what the sheriff referred to as “serious, credible threats.”
Separate entirely from the events, Beulah had conducted suicide prevention and awareness training with students in certain grades earlier this year. In Hazen, lock-downs were held. The cooperation between school districts and law enforcement remains vital to help alleviate pressures within the school that might come from students facing some type of trouble.

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