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April 16, 2009

Second Knife River flush gives out mostly a scare

While the Beulah Chamber of Commerce was serving an appreciation stew to volunteers who helped out in the area during the first flooding of the Knife River and Spring Creek, residents of Beulah’s south side Ward 4 were nervously eyeing the second rise of the river within days. Over the weekend, Beulah and County Emergency Management were warning residents there that the Knife was first expected to crest by Sunday, then changed it to Monday, with a prediction for around 25 feet, less than the 27-plus measurement recorded in the first flood.

During the weekend and through Monday residents were sandbagging and plugging sewer drains again hoping to successfully hold back the waters that did so much damage in the first round. Monday afternoon and evening residents watched the water carefully and waited for information from the west of the county as to how much water was still coming downstream.

By early Monday evening the waters appeared to have crested and were receding an inch at a time. The city awakened Tuesday to find that the south side had been spared serious damage, although there remained areas of standing water, and what seems to be a stagnant river level through the day.

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