June 27, 2018

Second public meeting on high school remodel

By Kate Johnson

After several months of three hour meetings the community task force has decided to come back to the public with what they have so far.
How did we get here?
Originally the Beulah School Board hired Consolidated Construction Company (CCC) to assess all of their buildings and come up with a 10 year plan. In that 10 year plan they discovered some issues that needed tending to right away.
Over the course of the last year the Beulah High School has seen multiple flooding issues with pipes breaking and heating issues that are stemming from the original 1963 addition and its window wall.
Which moved some of those 10 year plan items to the forefront.
Originally Icon Engineering gave the Beulah School Board a dollar amount for what it would cost to conduct those repairs. The repairs being to fix the window wall on the 1963 addition. Repairing the window wall would spark the enforcement of code issues -- and those would have to be addressed and upgraded.

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