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June 13, 2018

Service agreements and sound systems

By Daniel Arens

Microphones turned out to be a constant source of irritation during the early part of the last county commission meeting. Continual interference eventually led to the mics screeching, and eventually they were simply shut down.
Jim Albers, county maintenance department supervisors, presented service contracts related to upkeep and maintenance around the expanded buildings. Although initially interrupted by the squealing mics, after they were shut down, he presented the contracts.
First is a fire alarm system from Simplex for $3,600, which covers both the courthouse and Dakota Central Social Services. In this case, Albers already signed the agreement, since the fire alarm system is necessary for the functioning of the buildings. In addition, a 3-year, $725 contract with Nova Fire Protection covers the fire sprinkler system, which is also mandatory.
However, Albers wanted more direction from the commission when it came to the sewer grinder for the parking lot manhole. The yearly contract here totals $1,900, and covers annual inspections from Muffin Monster, the company that installed the grinder. The contract has not yet been signed.

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