August 17, 2016

Seven to one vote for City to sell Chamber building

Beulah City Council
By Kate Johnson

The Beulah City Council made a motion to sell the Beulah Chamber of Commerce the building located on Highway 49. The Chamber has been renting from the city since 2014. Seven of the eight city council members voted in favor of the sale.
Councilwoman Kathy Kelsch had only one item to her portfolio; however, that one item drew a crowd. Members of Beulah’s Chamber and Convention and Visitors Bureau took up a handful of seats in the crowd. Kelsch opened by saying this item is up for discussion by city council members and carried on to note the reasoning behind the potential sale.
The Beulah Chamber had approached the city six months ago, requesting funds to remodel. The building being owned by the city, Chamber and CVB members felt they shouldn’t renovate a building that wasn’t theirs. The city said they would split the cost of an appraisal with the Chamber/CVB. The appraisal came back at roughly $237,000. This appraisal was for the lot with the building and the vacant lot directly behind.
Meanwhile the Chamber also conducted an environmental study within the building, which came back that there was mold growth in some areas.
Kelsch presented a purchase price of $70,000 – also mentioning that all previous rent paid by the Chamber would go toward the purchase. Since Nov. 2014, the Chamber has paid $25,800 in rent cost. Removing that number from the $70,000 price tag on the building, the remaining cost to be paid by the Chamber would be $42,500 – if they wished to buy it.

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