January 31, 2018

Shooting with a shutter

By Kate Johnson

It’s not every day that wildlife get spooked by the sound of a shutter, rather than a gun shot. Even though a rifle or shotgun are near by and he has every intention to hunt, Joshua Kuhn said he would rather shoot with a camera because of the opportunities that quickly move by while in the outdoors.
After capturing a photo of a spider nestled in his web, Kuhn submitted the photo to North Dakota Outdoors magazine’s Watchable Wildlife Photo Contest. The photo took first place in the Insect and Plant category.
Kuhn grew up in Richardton, and his first artistic outlet was a film class in high school. He took whatever art elective he could. In 2006 digital cameras were on the rise and Kuhn, said at the time he thought to himself that he should invest in one.
He never took photography seriously until about two and half years ago. It then became an obsession he said, reading and learning about photography from websites and blogs online. Kuhn said that the best way to learn was with a camera in hand, not necessarily from a course.

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