November 29, 2017

Shop Small Saturday: Think, Buy, Be Local

By Kate Johnson
Did you know that shopping local has a direct effect on how the business community operates? Spending dollars in your local stores actually turns around and benefits the community.
The small town of Beulah is able to offer its community a number of locally owned businesses. Those business owners have a sense of pride, offering patrons of this community what they need when they walk through their doors. Jerry Isaak, J&M Hardware, said it means a lot to their business, and any business, when people come in and purchase locally.
“The more business we do, the more we can give back to the community,” Isaak said. “It just has a direct effect on what you can do back for the community and that type of thing.”
When people spend locally, businesses are able to stay open and offer employment opportunities to the surrounding community. Isaak shared that they are also able to offer more benefits to their employees when patrons are feeding dollars into the local area by shopping local.
“If you have an active community that stays active, it’s like anything else -- if it stays active, it feeds on itself and it just continues to grow,” said Isaak, who also said that if communities weren’t to feed into local spending, then businesses could turn and go the opposite way.


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