September 6, 2017

Site visit for Wellness Center Project

Site visit for Wellness Center Project
By Kate Johnson

A long-time dream was put into perspective last week.
Beulah Park Board members were able to take an on-site tour of the work done to date on the Wellness Center project.
Roers Senior Project Manager Rick Lynam took the attendees on a tour of the facility, starting with the entry and ending with the second floor.
“The big push right now is to get it dried in -- get all the walls up and weather-tight,” explained Lynam. He shared that the steel erection of the project is complete; however, they still have miscellaneous steel to order. How much miscellaneous steel can’t be determined until the floor is in, because it will be used for the stairs. Lynam said that the stairs are something you don’t even want to be a half-inch off of.


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