January 3, 2018

Sonja Dutchuk hired as Beulah Park Director

By Kate Johnson

Beulah Parks and Recreation has hired Sonja Dutchuk for the Park District Director position. Dutchuk said she is excited to take on the position and get back into something that is in her blood.
Dutchuk grew up in Dickinson with a family that was committed to community. She was a steady visitor at the community recreation center by the age of 6 when she joined swimming. When the time came that the Dickinson community felt they needed a new community center, people came together. Her parents and she were a part of the Friends of the Pool fundraising which lead to the new community center in Dickinson – West River Community Center. “So, I was a part of their start up too and the process of it all,” said Dutchuk.
She was a lifeguard all through high school with Dickinson Parks and Recreation. When she left for college to University of Minnesota Moorehead, she found the local YMCA and was hired as a lifeguard there, which she continued to do throughout college.

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