December 18, 2008

Speeders watch out


The newest piece of police equipment has hit the streets of the city – a mobile speed monitor trailer purchased by the Beulah Police Department with a combination of a $3,000 Department of Transportation grant and matching city funds.

Beulah Police Chief Kennie Voegele said the monitor has already been in use in three areas of the city since late October – Chaffee Row, Front Street and Highway 49 – while the department tests and learns how to use it. Sgt. Frank Senn has been responsible for setting the machine up and training other department members.

"We’re getting used to it and learning how to download the information from it and how to read the charts," Voegele said.

Voegele added that the speed monitor does not record information about who might be speeding. It does not record license plate numbers or take photos of vehicles. It only records date, time and speed. When driving toward the speed monitor trailer, the monitor will read the vehicle’s speed, blinking once it hits the speed limit or over.

Voegele said the monitor is not a tool to catch speeders but was purchased for two main reasons.

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