May 21, 2014

Spring planting underway

By Chris Erickson

Favorable conditions have encouraged agricultural producers around the area to get fieldwork underway recently, as they’ve hit the fields in earnest.
Mercer County Extension Agent Craig Askim noted that the work so far had amounted to nearly half of planting being completed.
“I’d say producers are about 50 percent completed with the planting of their crops,” Askim said. “They were able to get things in early before the rains and this past week was really good as far as conditions go.”
Askim said conditions were relatively good throughout the county, although there was probably a little more dry ground in the western part of the county than in the east.
“Overall the farmers are getting to most of their ground because things have dried out,” he added. “Some spots have standing water in lower areas, but it seems to be going well this year. We’re a little ahead of last year because of (2013’s) wet spring. Last year some of the guys were planting into the first week of June. In most cases if we can get things planted before June 1, then we’ll be in good shape.”

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