October 18, 2017

Start them young: fire prevention

By Kate Johnson
Beulah Elementary School dedicated last week to the education of fire prevention. Not only were students randomly selected for rides to school on the fire trucks each morning from their local fire departments, but also received an educational presentation from the Beulah Rural Fire Department last Friday.
Some classrooms were lucky enough to receive one-on-one time with other area departments. Golden Valley Fire Chief Kenton Richau brought a few other volunteer fire fighters from his department, as well as Kyle Lorenz from the Halliday Fire Department.
Richau and his crew visited Amanda Lorenz’s and Cheyenne Heidel’s first grade classes. In his visit the students got take home information on how to be prepared in their home if a fire were to occur. Students were told to draw a map of their home that includes all windows and doors, and they are to make sure there are two ways out of every room. They were told to share the information with their family and from there make a plan as to how they would get out and where they would meet if there was a fire.


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