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June 2, 2021

State’s Attorney announced resignation

By Daniel Arens

Even as Mercer County prepares for a transition in its county recorder, another significant change is coming in its ranks.
Jessica Binder, Mercer County State’s Attorney, announced her intention to resign from the position, effective July 1. The county is currently seeking applications for filling the position; the applicants must have a law degree to qualify.
Binder is moving into the next stage of her career, as an administrative law judge in Bismarck. Administrative law judges preside for numerous agencies at the state and local levels, helping to resolve disputes between an agency and an individual or business, as well as assisting in applications to agencies seeking specific authority or licensure.
Binder has held the position of state’s attorney for over a decade. She took on the role in January 2011, following her election in the November 2010 election. A Mercer County resident herself, she has spent her entire career so far in the county.


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