October 4, 2017

Supporting Local Hospice, Flavors of Fall

Knoll closes her hospice chapter
By Kate Johnson

“People that are dying are so real -- there is no pretense anymore, it’s just them,” said Director of Sakakawea Medical Center Home Health and Hospice Lori Knoll.
Knoll has been in home health and hospice care for more than 20 years. When she graduated from college, Knoll had a dream of being a nurse in a big hospital in Seattle, Wash. However, plans changed when she fell in love. With the love of her life gaining a job in coal country, Knoll was able to move from Mandan to Mercer County.
For some time, Knoll did the drive to Bismarck, still working as a registered nurse at Medcenter One, Bismarck -- which is now Sanford Hospital. After giving birth to her twins, the drive becoming less and less desirable. Knoll decided to work at the hospital in Hazen.
This is where she fell in love with home health and hospice. In the early ‘90s a hospice program was needed in the county. Before any program had been implemented, if a person wanted to die at home there was a lack of dignity about it. It had to be considered an “unexpected death,” which meant the police department and coroner would have to come to the home.


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