January 27, 2016

Synergy moves forward to county commission

Crew Lodge
By Kate Johnson

Synergy Building Solutions & Logistics President Jack Arbess stood in front of the county planning and zoning commission for his second time; however, now he was looking for a temporary conditional use permit for Gerald Pischel’s designated 10 acres of land. Arbess was approved for a temporary conditional use permit with similar requirements written into the permit that the Civeo Corporation was given just a few weeks ago. The board was adamant about keeping both facilities under the same guidelines that were to be written into both permits.
As secretary, Gary Emter gave Arbess the floor to begin his presentation, Chairman Dwight Berger informed the board members that this was a new application and nothing from Arbess’s previous request and presentation should affect the one occurring now, being that it was brand new.
Arbess opened his presentation by quickly running back over some of the points the board had heard just six weeks ago. They could have a maximum of 32 buildings, with 6-12 people in each building and each six rooms having their own bathroom. Rooms have potential to be single or double occupancy. There would be a common living area for the workers residing there, with Arbess saying these facilities are meant for crews who work and live together. Arbess reiterated, “They are not what you would typically see in a man camp,” mentioning his facilities are of the luxury type.

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