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December 28, 2016

Tackling the snow as a community

By Kate Johnson

It is an all-hands-on-deck task. Currently the Beulah Public Works Department has been attempting to clear the snow from the priority streets; however, snow being pushed sometimes can’t be pushed fast enough. Every city employee is contributing to the mass effort of trying to get Beulah put back together again.
Ben Lenzen, the Beulah City councilman who holds the city streets portfolio, said their priorities lie on the routes that are published in the paper and can be seen on channel 10 as well. Lenzen mentioned that, as city workers plowed the roads, the wind was picking up the snow and blowing it back onto the road.
He shared that city workers are truly doing the best that they can in order to keep up.
Lenzen said his biggest issue is parked cars on the streets. This is the biggest snow Beulah has had in December in the last 30 years, which two large storms occurring within weeks of each other. Lenzen shared that when the public is aware of large predicted snow falls, they should pull their vehicles off the street to make the next day’s work move more efficiently.
“[Snow removal workers] can make good time when they don’t have to go around cars,” said Lenzen.
He carried on to explain the difficulty plows have when they are passing parked cars or possibly not fitting through the street when vehicles are parked on both sides.
Another constructive point from Lenzen was for people to be patient.

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