June 28, 2017

Taking to the skies

By Daniel Arens

This coming weekend provides a great opportunity to view the familiar world of Mercer County from a slightly higher perspective.
Saturday a “fly-in” will be held at the Mercer County Regional Airport, allowing kids in age and kids in heart the chance to gaze in wonder at the world from the windows of an airplane. The event runs from 7 a.m. to around noon.
Along with the airplane rides, people can enjoy a pancake and sausage breakfast, prepared by the Hazen Fire Deparment.
“We usually run about 400 people, roughly,” Ron Muth said. Muth, who helps coordinate the event, added, “There’s been more some years, and less some years.”
Flights are available for people of all ages, although there is an emphasis on giving kids a chance to take to the skies.


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