February 28, 2018

The beginning of Land & Use Plan

By Kate Johnson
What are the wants and needs of Beulah? What do community members think of Beulah’s quality of life? What do people think Beulah needs to improve on? What do people love about Beulah? What are the critical issues of Beulah?
These were some of the questions laid out on tables throughout Beulah’s civic center last week. The questions were in regard to Interstate Engineering’s Land and Use Plan development for the city of Beulah.
Interstate Engineering was hired by the city to help devise a Land and Use Plan on how to expand Beulah and make recommendation to make it better.
Over the course of last week Interstate held two focus groups and one public open meeting. The focus groups were made up of two different groups of people. One group was centered around members of the Beulah Chamber and the other group was made up of individuals from the financial institutions.


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