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May 29, 2019

The graduates of 2019

The graduates of 2019

By Kate Johnson

“We will persevere, because we are the class of 2019!” exclaimed Carter Jones during his highest distinction address at Beulah High School.
BHS gymnasium was packed with family and friends to watch the Class of 2019 earn their diplomas. Beulah Schools Superintendent Travis Jordan opened the ceremony with a welcome address to the those present and the graduates. Jordan explained that when he was the age they are, he too didn’t know what his future would hold.
Although there were many unknowns for him he always knew his “why” and what his purpose was. “My purpose is to inspire people to inspire others,” said Jordan.
He told the graduates to never neglect their “why.”
“You each have a purpose and a passion that no one can take from you,” said Jordan. He told them to neglect the status quo and know they are more than a number.
“Your ‘why’ will advance the world to be better...” said Jordan, “True success

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