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January 17, 2018

To fix or replace, that is the question

By Kate Johnson

Over the last two weeks the Beulah High School has had two flooding issues. One was a classroom and the other was an office. Both incidents caused damage to the rooms in which they occurred and had over 3 inches of standing water.
At the latest Beulah School Board meeting the board has began to discuss what they want to do to remedy the issues they have been having.
Icon Engineering representative, Kyle Kvamme, sat with the board to go over the options they have in their upcoming future.
During Consolidated Constructions Company’s (CCC) audit of all buildings the school owns (high school, middle school, elementary school and Fit Club) it was apparent that the high school was in need of new windows. Replacement of the windows was put as “immediate repair” by CCC.
Kvamme presented to the school board on their options moving forward with the replacement of the windows.
The issue that arose is that to replace the windows triggers other factors in the school causing the project to spiral into so much more than just the windows.
Kvamme sat with the board to discuss their options moving forward. Icon was asked to look at what the cost would be to install, repair, and replace the windows. However, when replacing the windows, Kvamme said that other repairs begin to get triggered, causing building code to come into play as well.



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