May 14, 2014

To withhold, or not to withhold

By Chris Erickson

Members of various county boards were on hand last Wednesday to hear if and how the Mercer County Commission could address what they felt was a longstanding pay issue.
Golden Valley resident Janet Connolly spoke on behalf of members of the Weed Board and Planning and Zoning Commission, who felt one form of payment was coming unfairly to them. Specifically, the members felt that their mileage checks should be tax-exempt, but were having Social Security and Medicare withheld. This was in contrast to how members of other boards were apparently receiving similar compensation.
According to Connolly, the problem has existed for years and still has not been adequately addressed. After a visit to the IRS office in Bismarck Connolly contended that she was informed the Social Security and Medicare taxes shouldn’t have been withheld from the mileage reimbursement.
“I was told that we should be getting two checks - one for the stipend for the [board] meeting and one for mileage reimbursement with nothing deducted from mileage reimbursement because it is a reimbursement,” Connolly said.

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