April 9, 2014

Two charged in Golden Valley shooting

Two more men have been charged in a recent Golden Valley incident that left two others wounded.
Benjamin Schultz and Bryson Snell are each facing one class C felony for their suspected involvement in a possible home intrusion that left both Brett Knudson and homeowner Jeff Gegelman with gunshot wounds.
Snell has been charged with one count of burglary, and Schultz has been charged with one count of being an accomplice to burglary. The criminal complaints associated with each charge that Snell willfully entered Gegelman’s property without permission and with intent to commit the crime of theft; and that Schultz aided Snell and Knudson by driving them to and from the Gegelman residence.
According to the affadavit, Schultz told Sheriff’s detectives that he had met with Snell and Knudson on Sunday and they were talking about stealing power tools from a garage at a residence south of Golden Valley. After that, the court documents state that Schultz drove the vehicle to the residence where Snell and Knudson got out and went into the house. Schultz stated that he then heard shots and the two men ran out of the house and jumped into the car, which he drove back to Knudson’s residence.


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