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December 23, 2013

Two conditional use permits granted

By Chris Erickson

Two areas south of Beulah found themselves with new conditional use permits after a meeting with the Mercer County Planning and Zoning Commission last week.
The permits for Dakota Westmoreland and Coyote Creek Mining Company come a month after each company applied and found approval for rezoning their respective locations.
Brad Lewis, president of Westmoreland Energy Services, informed the zoning commission of his company’s plan to retool their property into a transloading facility once their contract with Coyote Station ran out in 2016.
The facility would include additional rail, cement and sand transferring stations and the ability to transload oil and pipeline.
“In May of 2016 we’ll be losing the contract with Coyote Power Plant,” Lewis said. “So we’re going to set this business up to service the oil industry and keep as many jobs as possible here. Our people will get the first crack at the jobs we’re creating here.”


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