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May 31, 2017

Urea Project 74 percent complete

By Kate Johnson

Dakota Gasification Company’s Urea Project that started in 2014 has now reached 74 percent complete. The project has seen some shaky days -- taking on a destructive storm last year -- however, it has persevered and stayed on schedule.  
The project is still set to be complete and ready for commissioning at the end of 2017. The storage building which took the brunt of the hit last summer during the powerful winds and storm is mostly reconstructed and nearly enclosed. According to project manager Lucas Teigen they are waiting on the reclaimer that is being built and will be erected at the end of the storage building. Teigen projects the timing will occur in the next week and, once the reclaimer is standing it will roll inside the building, which will allow the rest of the building to be completed.


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