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November 13, 2013

Variance recommended for Roughrider Crossfit

By Chris Erickson

A business focused on physical fitness and well-being passed the first step toward moving to a new location within Beulah last week. Roughrider Crossfit received approval from the Beulah Planning and Zoning Board after a brief explanation of the business and reason for the move.
Roughrider Crossfit Owner Nate Brunsell  and his wife Rachel, who also works as a Crossfit trainer. Roughrider Crossfit is currently operating out of the Beulah Fit Club, although is looking for a new space to operate in. Having found such a space, the Brunsells were applying to move the business into that location at the corner of Keller Drive and Roll Drive. In addition to the variance request for temporary occupancy, the Brunsells brought in notice of approval from about 10 residents in that immediate area.
“Crossfit is a core strengthening and conditioning program,” Nate said. “It is functional movements performed at high intensity.”
Nate explained that the main reason for the move was inaccessibility. Beulah Public Schools programs have priority at the Fit Club, which lessens the number of hours that Crossfit could realistically meet.
“It’s very restrictive. Secondly, classes that are held by the Fit Club take second priority, which limit the time we can meet further,” he added. “We would be looking to offer about five hours of classes per day in the new location.”
The Brunsells also asked if the city-owned lot adjacent to the location could be used for parking for the business.

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