April 27, 2016

Various bones found amongst old gravel pit

During government day lunch hosted by the Mercer County commissioners at the Zap community hall, commissioner Bill Tveit announced bones had been found at the construction site in Stanton.

He also mentioned the project continues to move forward. During their most recent Mercer County Commission meeting, project construction manager and AECOM representative Melinda McCarthy was able to elaborate on that announcement.

Although there were questions as to “what kind of bones,” the verdict wasn’t as dramatic. According to the State Historical Society, during 1930 a portion of that site was a gravel pit. With AECOM in the beginning stages of being on site and their digs, they have come to realize the gravel pit extends further than they had anticipated.

McCarthy explained to the commission.

“What they did was in the 1930s when they dug the gravel pit, they just indiscriminately pulled feature fill from everywhere on site,” says Mc-Carthy.

Also mentioning that they could have even gone off site for their fi ll and, in doing so, brought a lot of extra items into that gravel pit.

Within this past gravel pit are bones, which include bison, bird, and dog.

“Within the gravel pit disturbance or previous construction disturbance is now feature fill, which means there are bones that pop up during construction. Ninety percent of it is bison bone,” says McCarthy.

It was asked what sizes of these bones were being found. McCarthy responded that the bison bone being found are fairly large, robust pieces.

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