June 19, 2019

Water Treatment Plant work continues

By Kate Johnson

The $5.9 million renovation to Beulah’s Water Treatment Plant continues. The project that was approved in 2017 has been inching its way closer to the finish line, however has experienced its fair share of setbacks and changes along the way.
Kent Ritterman with Moore Engineering approached Beulah City Council to inform them of project updates and pay estimates that needed their approval.
He explained that within their budget they still had $37,000 in their contingency that was budgeted; and also had $30,000 in their contingency for the lagoon project.
Ritterman reminded them Sweeney Controls had been budgeted around $20,000 and was approved; and noted those dollars would be coming out of the remaining $37,000.
Mayor Travis Frey inquired about grants and loans they had used on the project. Ritterman verified those funds had been depleted.

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