May 11, 2016

Wellness Center approaches Commission

Mercer County Commission
By Kate Johnson

Beulah’s Wellness Center Foundation presented to the Mercer County Commission in hopes of a donation towards their new facility. Jacinta Klindworth, family physician with Coal Country Community Health Center, led the presentation alongside Beulah Fit Club Director Bridgette Martens.  
Klindworth and Martens discussed the changes that have occurred in the community. The current Fit Club is located at the School House Apartments in Beulah. This facility can be considered claustrophobic with the amount of traffic going through and the gymnasium floor being taken by the school sports teams during the evening hours.
Currently the Beulah Fit Club rents the facility from the school district for $100 a month. One of the main concerns commissioners mentioned was whether the Fit Club no longer renting that facility would have a negative impact on the school district.
Both Klindworth and Martens agreed that it would not and the school would most likely utilize the gymnasium for the weight room or practice area. Klindworth made the point that this area has a lack of gym space available. She also mentioned that students currently line up for the chance to play basketball on the court at the Fit Club.
The normal traffic through the current facility was estimated to be 50 or 60 people a day. With the increase in construction workers in the area, that number has increased to 80 or 90 people trafficking through the Fit Club.
With the school having allotted practice time through the fall, winter and spring, this takes up the gym floor which is the only open space in the facility. This makes it difficult to hold workout classes at this location.


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