March 12, 2014

Wellness Center plans presented

After months of meetings, discussions and prep work, the first plans for a proposed Wellness Center were presented to a full house last week at the Grandview Steakhouse banquet hall.
Since last year, a group of local leaders has been working diligently to iron out details for a new facility in Beulah that wouldn’t just replace the Fit Club, but offer wellness solutions for all.
Dr. Aaron Garman spoke to the assembled crowd first, noting the benefits of the proposed facility and why it was focused more on “wellness” rather than “fitness.”
Garman gave a background on general health of residents of the state and how Mercer County compared. According to data provided by the Center for Rural Health, Mercer County came in 41st out of 46 counties on health outcomes in the state.
“Why do we need a wellness center? How much does it cost for a gym membership, the time it takes to get there and eating healthy?” Garman asked. “I guarantee that the cost of illness is more than the cost of wellness. No one talks about the crisis in our wellness system; we talk about the crisis in the healthcare system.”
Garman noted that illness or an unhealthy lifestyle wouldn’t just result in a trip to the physician’s office, it resulted in days lost from school or work and impacted other areas of a person’s life.

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