June 22, 2016

Wellness Center Project moving forward

By Kate Johnson

Beulah’s Wellness Center Project is very much alive and well. The Wellness Center Foundation has been quietly working since their purpose began in March 2015. The Wellness Center project just recently secured their financing with the local lending institutions which was another milestone for the project.
June of 2014 is when the Sales Tax for the Wellness Center project was petitioned. The tax itself didn’t come into effect until 2015. On a yearly basis that Tax will bring in just over $400,000. Since the tax was approved the Wellness Center Foundation has been tackling other methods of raising money as well.
The group has been presenting to the area industries as well as local businesses. These presentations allow for these businesses to donate money towards the Wellness Center Project. The Foundation has recently come up with the idea of a donor wall. This wall would be a focal point to the center. It would display the names of people or businesses who have contributed a certain amount of money towards the project. The first tier starting at $500 and increasing from there. “Such an exciting opportunity for local businesses to donate” said Brandi Tolosky, Wellness Center Foundation board member. Currently some businesses haven’t necessarily donated money but have decided to donate services towards the project – which is welcomed also.
The Foundation has also been in the process of working out the logistics behind naming rights. Giving donors the opportunity to name a room within the center – being that this building will have many specific rooms for different uses.
The project has had to go through a number of phases leading up to this point. As of now, the project has a timeline as to what hopes to transpire over the next year. The timeline is as follows: Schematic Design, June 6-13; Schematic Design Review/Acceptance, June 13; Replatting & Zoning Process, July 4; Design Development, June 2 – July 4; Owner Review of Design Development, July 11; Construction Documents, July 11 – Aug 15; City of Beulah Preliminary Review, July 18; City Council Review, Sept 5; Contractor Bidding and City of Beulah Review, Aug 15 – Sept 5; Contract Bid Date, Sept 5; Notice of Award, Sept 12; Contract Coordination, Sept 12 – 19; Contractor Mobilization, Sept 26 – OCT 3; Construction, 12-13 months (weather permitting); which will be followed up by equipment and furniture installation and grad opening.
With this timeline the building is expected to be erected and opening in Oct/Dec of 2017. Bridgette Martens, parks and recreation board member, mentioned that the timeline was pending good weather, however, the crews are hoping to preserver through the winter months.
The building will hold a large amount of rooms and space for activities as well as consultations or meetings. The second floor will have the walking track which will oversee the facilities below. This level will have an elevator and stairs going up to it. There will be storage space, group exercise room, fitness deck, as well as, a stretching area all on this second floor.
On the lower level, the public will walk in to an open front desk area with a lounge in the corner. Which will have a fireplace, furniture, wireless internet and coffee. There will also be a conference room that can be split down the middle with a dividing curtain to hold more than just one meeting at a time. There will also be a consultation room in case trainers would like to conduct physical assessments with a member or if Coal Country Community Health Center would like to visit with a client.


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