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March 8, 2017

Wellness Project granted permit

City P & Z
By Kate Johnson

Wellness Center Project Construction Manager at Risk Rick Lynam, ROERS, said for him every day is precious and getting a jump in these next two weeks are crucial to him.
“I’m already thinking about when I can close the building in and get heat in it,” said Lynam.
Beulah Planning and Zoning listened to Lynam giving an update on the Wellness Center Project, as well as requesting a site grading preparation permit. This permit would allow construction to start moving dirt.
Lynam presented that Coyote Station approached one of their own contractors, Baranko Brothers Inc., and they agreed to provide a loader to load the structural material that would be coming from Coyote Station. With structural material coming from Coyote, Coteau Properties has also agreed to donate several pieces of equipment and operators to the project. Working with Interstate Engineering, they have been putting proposals together as well as contacts for testing and inspections.
Lynam said their next task -- once gaining the permit -- would be to push snow off the site and begin some rough staking, as well as preparing to do their mass excavation.
Beulah Planning and Zoning member Merlin Dahl asked if they were looking out toward when road restrictions were coming on. Lynam explained how soil needed to be hauled in because of the shape the current soil is in, being that it used to be an RV camp/crew camp.

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