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December 6, 2017

Wellness project moves indoors

By Kate Johnson

With finishing touches to be placed on the outside, contractors have moved inside the Energy Wellness Center. ROERS Senior Project Manager Rick Lynam said the project is moving along as planned, while still being on track.
With minor detail changes made here and there to better the efficiency of the center, the project remains on budget and on schedule, still having a completion date of early spring.
As many neighboring Beulah residents can see, the structure of the Energy Wellness Center is complete. Lynam said there are still some architectural panels that need to be finished and placed, but what’s left on the outside is decorative.
The entire parking lot has been poured with concrete, and the striping has been sprayed on to section off parking spots. The structure itself is in place, including the roof, and is dried in, reported Lynam and ROERS Project Superintendent Kyle Detloff.

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