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July 16, 2009

Witness to tragedy

Dave Meier wasn’t expecting to be a witness to history.

The former owner of Lignite Tire in Beulah was helping children get a sense of the great historical events of United States history when he was caught up in a historic event himself. For the last several years since leaving Beulah for the warmer climate of Sebring, Fla., Meier has been working for a company that does charter trips for students. These trips often go to the nation’s Capitol, Washington, D.C., so the students can take in the historic monuments and museums.

"The group was a from a school in Orlando, I believe," Meier said. "The company I work for takes maybe 150 trips into D.C. every spring. I think this was my third trip into D.C. myself. The kids tour all the touristy things, Ford’s Theatre where Lincoln was shot, the Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian museums."

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